Third Year Transfer Students

Examination Schedule

2018 Examination Schedule
Application period Oct. 23 (Mon.) - Oct. 27 (Fri.)
Examination date Nov. 16 (Thurs.)
Results Announcement Dec. 15 (Fri.)

Application Guidelines

Old Application Guidelines

Results Announcement

The identification numbers of applicants who have passed the entrance examination will be uploaded on the Graduate School/Faculty of Arts and Letters website at 9 a.m. on the date indicated in the Application Guidelines. Additionally, applicants who have passed will be sent a printed notice of results. Please make sure to check the results of your examination in the notice you receive the following day. No telephone inquiries will be accepted.

Past Exam Papers

All applicants may access past exam papers for transfer student entrance examinations (from the previous three years). The papers are in principle always available (unless some technical problem occurs), however, they can only be accessed directly in the Academic Affairs Department. The applicant must bring a student ID, a driver's license, or some other type of ID. Past exam paper copies cannot be distributed by mail.

Past exam papers available through the Academic Affairs Department: "Major Subjects" and "First Foreign Language"