Department of Integrated Human Sciences

  • Various problems nowadays demand increasingly complex transdisciplinary solutions that facilitate knowledge and ideas accumulated by the humanities and social sciences. Correspondingly, our goal is to foster the next generation of intellectuals that will constantly contemplate the essence of personal and social well-being and make significant contributions to the formation of sustainable society.
  • Department of Integrated Human Sciences integrates such ostensibly heterogeneous fields of study as philosophy and ethics on the one hand, and social and natural sciences on the other hand. Our goal is to develop problem-solving methods rooted in humanities and social sciences and generate new research areas for the future.
  • Our goal is to nurture active individuals concerned with social health issues, including justice, safety, and environmental protection, who will bring forth innovations and contributions to society based on empirical research of social systems, codes of conduct, psychological mechanisms, linguistic abilities, etc.

Programs and
specialization fields

Establishing the new field of Computational Humanities and Social Sciences

Recent years saw the incredible growth of data science and rapid appropriation of its methodology by social sciences. The new field of Computational Humanities and Social Sciences is meant to address these changes by delineating a new area of education and research. We aim to foster individuals that will acquire the latest technical knowledge and theoretical basis necessary in social research and employ their wide transdisciplinary outlook to serve society. In order to facilitate these goals we intend to cooperate with the Advance Graduate Program for AI Electronics that will start in 2019.

Course groups

Philosophy and Ethics

【Specialization Fields】 

Philosophy, Ethics

Philosophy and Ethics course group

Arts and Humanities

【Specialization Fields】 

Eastern and Japanese Art History,
Aesthetics and Western Art History

Arts and Humanities course group

Psychology and Linguistics

【Specialization Fields】

Psychology, Linguistics

Psychology and Linguistics course group

Social and Human Sciences

【Specialization Fields】 

Sociology, Behavioral Science,
newComputational Humanities and Social Sciences

Social and Human Sciences course group

Educational Goals

Master’s program

We pursue the goal of preparing highly educated professionals with interdisciplinary mindsets, who will be able to contribute to building technologically advanced, yet humanized society. Students must muster empirical and experimental research approaches and learn how to effectively discover and solve various social problems.

【Employment/Future Course】

Graduate school (doctoral course); social studies teacher; museum curator; certified social researcher or other type of survey analyst; certified psychologist; family court probation officer; government worker; corporate worker; etc.

Doctoral program

We aim to nurture high-level professionals proficient in utilizing transdisciplinary approach and methodology to solve various problems and issues facing society. Students must maintain the overall image of sustainable society and gain solid expertise that will allow them to efficiently promote their ideas as scholars.

【Employment/Future Course】

Researcher in university or research institute; government consultant; international organization employee; corporate worker; etc.

※The GSAL is currently in the process of reorganization. The information above might change.