Associate Professor SHIMASAKI Kaori

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Language learning and teaching

When I go abroad on business or for vacation, I always enjoy local food. Once I get home, I try to make the same dish but it always becomes a “food adventure”.
I am fascinated by trying and imitating cuisine from different culture because I can discover new ways of cooking with familiar ingredients in Japan. I learned “mahshi” from an Egyptian student: Scoop out tomatoes and eggplants, stuff them with rice, and cook with chicken soup. The way of cooking was very new to me and made me surprised.
There are many cultures and lives of people in the world. Although we can enjoy difference of food culture, difference in a way of thinking and values may cause friction sometimes. “Languages” may enable us to overcome such friction. I believe language learning and teaching can widen your view of life.

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    Teaching of Japanese Language (Introductory Reading)
    Teaching of Japanese Language (Seminar)
    Applied Japanese Linguistics(Practice)
    Applied Japanese Linguistics(Advanced Lecture)
    Methodologies in Japanese Language Teaching(Advanced Seminar)
    Personal History
    Kaori Shimasaki earned bachelor’s and master’s degree from Tohoku University (Applied linguistics) while she participated in exchange programs at the University of New South Wales, Australia. She then received Ph.D. at the University of New South Wales. Upon completing her doctorate, she worked at the Institute for Excellence in Higher Education, Tohoku University, coordinating programs for international students and researching international students education. She joined Faculty of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University in 2019.
    Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
    Research Subject
    Sociocultural language learning, International students education, Learning environment design, Multicultural education
    Japanese language pedagogy, Japanese language education, Japanese language learner, language education, Community of Practice, Boundary crossing, Intercultural co-learning
    The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
    Japanese Language Education Methods
    Association for Language Cultural Education
    American Association of Teachers of Japanese
    The Japanese Studies Association of Australia
    Council of International Student Advisors of National Universities
    Database of Researchers Information
  • Books
    Thomson CK, Otsuji. E., Kataoka. Y, Christensen. M, Kojima. T, Shinji. S, Shimasaki. K, Douglas. M, Tosaku. Y, Mori. T and Spence-Brown. R. (2016) Hito to tsunagari, sekai to tsunagaru nihongo kyouiku [Japanese Language Education: Connecting people, Connected to the World], Kuroshio Publishing, Tokyo Japan .
    Academic Papers
    Shimasaki. K (2018) “Chiiki jumin tono kokusaikyoshu de ryugakusei wa nani wo manandanoka: Sendai suzumeodori no jissenn wo toshite [What Have International Students Learned Through an Intercultural Co-Learning Class with Local People?: A Case Study of Sendai-suzume Odori Project]”, Tohoku daigaku koudo kyouyou kyouiku gakusei shien kikou kiyou [Bulletin of the Institute For Excellence in Higher Education Tohoku University] No.4, pp.397-406.
    Shimasaki. K (2018) “Shakai to kakawari, taikenshi, manabu nihongo puroguramu jissenn: Tohoku daigaku niokeru kokoromi [Learning Japanese Language Through Activities: A Case Study of Tohoku University Japanese Program]”, Tohoku daigaku koudo kyouyou kyouiku gakusei shien kikou kiyou [Bulletin of the Institute For Excellence in Higher Education Tohoku University] No.4, pp.383-396.
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    Shimasaki. K (2017) “Chiiki jumin tono kokusaikyoshu: ryugakusei no aidenteitei no henka ni chakumokushite [Intercultural co-learning class with local resident: how international students’ identities changed?]”, Tohoku daigaku koudo kyouyou kyouiku gakusei shien kikou kiyou [Bulletin of the Institute For Excellence in Higher Education Tohoku University] No.3, pp.227-238.