Professor TANAKA Shigeto

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Walking Courses

My job involves a lot of writing, but since quietly polishing texts is not in my nature, I often contemplate composition while on the move. My office is situated on the Kawauchi campus, and the vicinity is abundant with nature, so I often take walks while I think. Let me introduce the best courses for each season.
In spring I like to take the route leading to the Aobayama campus. You can admire colourful flowers on your way, until you reach the buildings of the Faculty of Agriculture. Many medicinal herbs grow there, but some of them are poisonous, so you should be careful.
In summer, I cross the Hirose River via the Yodomi Bridge and go to the Tohoku University Hospital. The important point is that you can enjoy constant fresh breezes as you stroll along the river. It is very nice to walk this route on a hot day.
In autumn, I go to the university-affiliated botanical garden. The forest has remained almost unchanged since the times of Sendai Domain. Now it is a famous beauty spot for autumn leaves viewing. The garden has admission fee, but students and faculty members of Tohoku University can enter free of charge.
In winter, I climb from the corner tower of the Aoba Castle towards the foundation of the keep. The rise is quite steep, so when snow is deep, you can slide down the hill on the way back. Take care not to fall.

  • Research, History
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  • Courses
    Study of Contemporary Japan (General Lecture): Family in Japan, Work In Japan;
    Comparative Study on Contemporary Japan (Advanced Seminar): Basics of Statistical Analysis; Basics of Questionnaire Survey; Basics of In-depth Interview;
    Comparative study on Contemporary Japan (Reading): Reading seminar in contemporary Japanese studies
    Personal History
    Graduated from the School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
    Completed graduate program at the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University

    Research Associate, School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
    Lecturer, Faculty of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University
    Current position

    My major is sociology. I have participated in planning and execution of large-scale social surveys such as National Family Research of Japan (NFRJ) organized by Japan Society of Family Sociology. In recent years I have been researching scientific knowledge formation process and its influence on public opinion and policies.
    Ph.D. (Human Sciences)
    Sociology of the Family; Social Research Methods; Social Statistics; Gender Studies; Sociology of Scientific Knowledge
    Research Subject
    Connections between gender-based inequality and family system;
    Time-use analysis;
    Application of information technology in social sciences;
    Scientific knowledge formation process;
    Scientific knowledge and public opinion and policy
    Gender; family; inequality; marriage; divorce; pregnancy; childbirth; fertility; time use; pseudoscience; evidence-based policy; ovum aging
    The International Sociological Association; The Japan Sociological Society; Japan Association for Social Policy Studies; International Association For Feminist Economics; The Japan Society of Home Economics; International Associa-tion for Time Use Research
    Database of Researchers Information
  • Books
    『日本の家族1999-2009: 全国家族調査 [NFRJ] による計量社会学』、東京大学出版会、2016(editor)
    『A Quantitative Picture of Contemporary Japanese Families』、東北大学出版会、2013(editor)
    Academic Papers
    「Works citing Bendel and Hua on natural fecundability: a literature review on the origin of a falsified chart used in high school education in Japan」、『東北大学文学研究科研究年報』 66、2017、142-128
    「「妊娠・出産に関する正しい知識」が意味するもの: プロパガンダのための科学?」、『生活経済政策』230、2016、13-18
    「Gender gap in equivalent household income after divorce」、『A Quantitative Picture of Contemporary Japanese Families』、東北大学出版会、2013、321-350
    「女性の経済的不利益と家族: 分配的正義におけるミクロ・マクロ問題」、『ジェンダー平等と多文化共生』、東北大学出版会、2010、99-118
    2003 Tohoku University Committee of Gender Equality Promotion Award (Sawayanagi Award)