Associate Professor CHANG Peiju

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Discoveries made in a language class

The following happened during one of my Chinese classes. When we started practicing the expression “I like everything, except…,” I had a peculiar dialogue with a male student.
- Tell me about your least favourite food.
- I hate mushrooms.
- You mean ‘white mushrooms’?
- No, all of them.
I realized that I made a mistake. When I heard the word ‘mushroom’, I immediately imagined the white mushroom (also known as champignon mushroom), but the word in fact had a much broader meaning and could be used as a generic name. That exchange brought my attention to the problem of so-called underextension or too restrictive understanding of a word’s meaning.
On another occasion, a student in the beginner’s class constructed the following sentence: “我不喝红茶,喝茶” (trans.: “I don’t drink black tea [kōcha], but I drink tea [ocha]”)
I gave him a comment: “You contradict yourself. Black tea is a variety of tea in general. You could say something like that you do not drink black tea, but you drink green tea [ryokucha].”
The student would not have made such a mistake in their native Japanese. And yet we tend to slip up like this when speaking in a foreign language. As a researcher in Chinese linguistics, I really enjoy my classes, as they give me plenty of opportunities to contemplate such issues.

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    Chinese in Practice; Advanced Chinese; Basic Chinese; Chinese Literature (Seminar)
    Personal History
    Born in Taichung City, Taiwan.
    Graduated from College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan University
    Completed the master’s program at the Graduate Institute of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, National Taiwan Normal University.
    Completed the doctoral program (without a doctoral degree) at the Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo.

    Project Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Literature, Nishogakusha University
    2020 Appointed to current position
    Ph.D. (Literature)
    Contemporary Chinese Linguistics
    Research Subject
    Grammaticalization of verbs (particularly perception verbs)
    Grammaticalization; verbal features; function words
    The Chinese Linguistic Society of Japan; The Sinological Society of Tohoku
  • Books
    快楽学漢語・説漢語―初中級中国語会話. [ 早稲田総研インターナショナル, 2013] 村上公一, 蘇英霞, 江秀華, 村上公一, 張佩茹, 宇霞. ISBN4903049418
    中国語学・中国語教育 現代中国語文法研究と中国語教育, in 改訂新版 中国学入門―中国古典を学ぶための13章. [勉誠出版, 2017], ed. By二松學舍大学文学部中国文学科. ISBN4585200568
    Academic Papers
    “只见”の接続機能. [日本中国語学会『中国語学』253 (2006), 353-372]
    《見究めの“看”》と《試みの“看”》. [『中国語学』255、(2008), 197-216]
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    2009 The Chinese Linguistic Society of Japan, honorable mention
    Asahi Education Forum「国語力こそ グローバル社会の鍵」[Asahi Shinbun, Nov. 3, 2018, p.32]