Assistant Professor KASAMA Haruna

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The power of narrated words

My research focuses on Meiji literature, in particular on Ichiyō Higuchi’s oeuvre. Currently, I am investigating novelistic expressions typical of Meiji literature, with Ichiyō’s texts as a primary example.
I first encountered Ichiyō’s writing in high school and still remember how confused I was by her style, so different from both contemporary novels and older classical literature, and how I failed to grasp the meaning of her words or the story itself. I only managed to finish that paperback because I was enthralled by the particular power and vividness of characters’ lines. Why did Ichiyō’s texts, written in a slightly old-fashioned Gabun style, move me so much? This unsophisticated question became the starting point of my research.
Ichiyō lived and wrote in the 1880s, a period marked by the emergence of the modern novel. That was a time when writers struggled to reconceptualise the novel. Expressive means and styles from a multitude of literary genres and media, old and new, intermingled and combined to give birth to new forms of novelistic expression. In my research, I would like to pay proper attention to each of those forms, addressing the specificity and appeal of the words that only novels can weave.

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    BA, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tohoku University.
    Ph.D, Literature, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University

    Research Fellow/Research Assistant, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University
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    Ph.D. (Literature)
    Modern Japanese Literary Studies (mainly the literature of the Meiji period)
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    Novelistic expression in the Japanese literature of the 1880s
    modern Japanese literature; literature of the Meiji period; Ichiyō Higuchi; history of expression
    Association for Modern Japanese Literary Studies; Comparative Literature Association; Japanese Society for Literary Studies (Nihon Bungei Kenkyūkai); Ichiyō Higuchi Society (Ichiyō Higuchi Kenkyūkai)
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