Assistant ISOZAKI Tadashi

Affiliations :

  • Graduate School Faculty of Arts and Letters
  • Division of Department of Integrated Human Sciences
  • Social and Human Sciences Course
  • Department of Sociology

What can be said about disaster-stricken areas

I specialize in regional sociology and the sociology of disasters. More specifically, I analyze changes in regional decision-making in regard to post-earthquake reconstruction using the concept of 'governance' as a framework. I conduct my fieldwork in the city of Iwaki (Fukushima) and the town of Matsushima (Miyagi), both of which suffered from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. All disaster-stricken areas are unique and different between themselves. Therefore, a social survey aiming to collect local voices is an extremely difficult endeavour. A researcher must build trusting relationships with the community, publicize his or her findings, and gain feedback from the local residents. This, in turn, further piques the researcher’s curiosity and investigative spirit. This ongoing process may be exhausting, but it is also rewarding for the scholar.
Besides, I believe that such studies are socially relevant. Publicised discoveries can spark changes in the local community, for better or worse. This is why the researcher must have high moral standards in addition to a sense of mission.
I hope people with similar mindsets will join me in the Department of

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  • Personal History
    BA, Tohoku University
    Completed the doctoral program (without a doctoral degree) at the Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University
    2019 Appointed to current position
    M.A. (Literature)
    Regional Sociology; Sociology of Disasters
    Research Subject
    Changes in decision-making during post-earthquake reconstruction
    Structural changes in disaster-stricken areas
    the Great East Japan Earthquake; post-earthquake reconstruction; governance
    Tohoku Sociological Society; Tohoku Association on Urbanology; Japan Society for Urbanology
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