Associate Professor OGAWA Katsunori

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Statistical analysis as a way to avoid deterministic thinking

As a researcher, I analyze inequalities in education and the labor market, mainly through statistical analysis.
Consider college enrollment. We can see that people from high-income backgrounds are more likely to go to college. However, this is a stochastic association rather than a deterministic one. Whether people go to college or not is never fully explained by a single factor such as family wealth.
Through the statistical analysis, we can clarify to what extent wealthy people are more likely to go to college or whether factors other than family wealth are more important.
We often think in a deterministic way in our daily lives. But we can gain a better understanding of society by getting familiar with probabilistic inference.

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    Behavioral Science (Introductory Laboratory Work); Behavioral Science (Seminar); Behavioral Science (Special Lecture)
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    BA, Faculty of Education, University of Tokyo
    MA, Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo
    PhD, Graduate School of Education, University of Tokyo

    Project Researcher, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo
    Assistant Professor, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo
    Awarded Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (PD), The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)
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    Ph.D. (Education)
    Sociology of Education; Research in Social Stratification
    Research Subject
    Inequality of educational opportunity
    Attitudes towards educational and social welfare policies
    Causal inference in social sciences
    The Japan Sociological Society, The Japan Society of Educational Sociology, Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology, The Kantoh Sociological Society, International Sociological Association Research Committee 28
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    “Skill Formation and Inequality in an Institutional Perspective: A Comparison between Japan and Taiwan”(Journal of East Asian Educational Research,2016年)