Professor ADACHI Kaoru

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I love images,
I love Italy,
I love manga and anime!

Since childhood, I have loved visual media with their engaging images, be it manga, anime, or movies. However, at some point I realized that I lacked the talent to make such works myself, so my only choice was to enjoy them as a hobby.
But at Tohoku University I learned about the discipline of art history, which dealt with images. A researcher could both enjoy and study them! Obviously, I jumped into it!
Of course, research in art history is not only about contemplating works of art. At times it can be rather hard: we must read materials in foreign languages and so on. But our main task is to travel to various parts of the world and enjoy artworks! This makes me very happy.
My research field is Italian art, and no matter what hardships I face in daily life, there is a consolation: "I can go to Italy during the next summer vacation!" May the world finally calm down, so that we can go abroad freely!
(Note: my favorite popular works these days are the manga series Arata Natsume Getting Married and Chainsaw Man, as well as the anime series Major 2nd, The Midnight Gospel, etc.)

  • Research, History
  • Books, papers, etc.
  • Courses
    Aesthetics and History of European Fine Arts (Seminar, Laboratory Works, General Lecture, Special Lecture, etc.)
    Personal History
    1992 B.A., Faculty of Literature, Tohoku University
    1994 M. A. in Literature at the Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University
    2019 Received Ph. D in Literature at the Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University

    1999-2000 TA, Faculty of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University
    2000-2019 Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, Faculty of Humanities (now Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences), Hirosaki University
    2019-present Current position
    Ph.D. (Literature)
    Italian Art
    Research Subject
    Formation and social and cultural sources of Mannerism
    Synchronization and mutual influences between art and magic and the art of memory
    Mannerism; art and magic; art of memory
    The Japan Art History Society; The Japanese Society for Aesthetics; College Art Association; Sixteenth Century Society and Conference; The Renaissance Society of America
    Database of Researchers Information
  • Books
    ジョン・シアマン『オンリー・コネクト…… イタリア・ルネサンスにおける美術と観者』足達薫・石井朗・伊藤博明訳、ありな書房、2008年
    リナ・ボルツォーニ『クリスタルの心 ルネサンスにおける愛の談論、詩、そして肖像画』足達薫、伊藤博明、金山弘昌訳、ありな書房、2017年
    アンソニー・グラフトン『アルベルティ イタリア・ルネサンスの構築者』森雅彦・足達薫・石澤靖典・佐々木千佳訳、白水社、2012年
    サルヴァトーレ・セッティス『「古典的なるもの」の未来 明日の世界の形を描くために』足達薫訳、ありな書房、2012年
    Academic Papers
    足達薫「記憶術師としての美術家 イタリア・ルネサンスにおける記憶・観念・手法」、『西洋美術研究』No.13、2013年、pp. 50-66
    足達薫「パルミジャニーノにおける絵画と魔術――秘文字と肖像と鏡」、『魔術の生成学』ありな書房、2016年、pp. 57-132
    足達薫「女子修道院のなかのルネサンス――サン・パオロ修道院と古代神学的思考」、『光彩のアルストピア』ありな書房、2019年、pp. 99-147
    足達薫「ピントリッキオのアパルタメント・ボルジア――古代との出会いと初期ルネサンスの変容」、『黎明のアルストピア』ありな書房、2018年、pp. 111-193
    平成15年5月 第2回美術史学会論文賞
    平成22年8月 弘前大学「教育に関する優れた業績についての表彰」