Assistant Professor TOMONO Fumiaki

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“What is a ‘celebrity?’” Local communities might hold the answer

I study individuals who have been positioned as celebrities (or still enjoy such status); at the same time, I explore the historical meaning of celebrity worship in Japanese society.
The word ‘celebrity’ may bring to mind TV stars or those great individuals we encounter on textbook pages. But my research deals with locally venerated celebrities, as well as various means of paying homage to such individuals, from printed materials to commemorative monuments.
Broadly speaking, my research employs the figure of ‘celebrity’ to analyse the corresponding epoch and community.
Focusing on local celebrities brings to light various phenomena related to regional history, culture, etc. One can also gain new insights through direct fieldwork in the local community. Enquiring about local celebrities allows one to enter the region, study it, and come to understand it. My secret hope is repeating this process will someday lead me to a deeper understanding of Japanese society.
Incidentally, who do you remember as a historical celebrity?

  • Research, History
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  • Courses
    Introduction to Humanities and Social Sciences: Introduction to Innovative Japanese Studies;
    Japanese Language Program. Upper-Intermediate Japanese Culture Seminar: An Introduction to Sino-Japanese Writings
    Personal History
    Born Shizuoka (former Shimizu), Shizuoka Prefecture
    BA, School of Letters, Senshu University
    M.A and Ph.D., Studies in Social History, Institute for the Study of Social Sciences, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hitotsubashi University

    Temporary Staff, Saitama Prefectural Archives
    Staff Member, Shibusawa Eiichi Memorial Foundation Research Centre
    Current position
    Ph.D. (Sociology)
    Modern Japanese History; History of Thought; History of Book and Print Culture
    Research Subject
    The historical meaning of celebrity worship in ‘Japan’ after the 19th century
    The old school in history of haikai literature
    celebrity; worship; printed materials; regional history; popular history; cultural history; the Emperor system; haikai verse; old school
    The Society of Books, Publishing and Social Change; Society of Japan-Korea mutual recognition; Tokyo Historical Science Association; Association of Historical Science; Association for the Study of Popular History in Asia; Modern and Contemporary Historical Society of Japan; Society for Haibun Studies (Haibun Gakkai); Japanese Local History Research Association; Hitotsubachi University Research Group for Studies on Education and Society
  • Books
    *『移行期の東海地域史 中世・近世・近代を架橋する』(共著、勉誠出版、2016年)
    *『アーカイブズの現在・未来・可能性を考える 歴史研究と歴史教育の現場から』(共著、法政大学出版局、2016年)
    Academic Papers