Associate Professor MOTEGI Kennosuke

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An acquaintance once called me an enigma, or, to use an old Japanese expression, a "nue-like person." Maybe she chose that particular expression because I had mentioned nue in one of my books. Anyway, I quite enjoyed the comparison with a yōkai that looks like a hybrid of a monkey, a raccoon dog, a snake, and a tiger, and had reportedly terrorized the Imperial Court in medieval times.
As a researcher, I work in a hybrid field known as ‘studies of culture and representation.’ I once held multiple interests in various disciplines, including history, religious studies, literary studies, pedagogy, media studies, and others. Yet, upon entering graduate school, I finally discovered this nue-like, hybrid discipline, which covers a wide range of subjects from the old classics to contemporary popular culture and allows one to utilize expertise in all areas of humanities and social sciences.
The central theme of my current research is 'Orthodoxy and heresy in modern Japan.' As (alleged) representatives of the former and the latter, I focus on the Emperor and the Imperial Household, on the one hand, and occult happenings and ghost stories (kaidan), on the other. So, the connection between my studies and supernatural nue remains strong.

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    Personal History
    Born March 1985, Omiya (currently Saitama), Saitama Prefecture
    B.A., Japanese history, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Tohoku University
    M.A., religious studies, Department of Human Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University
    Ph.D. in Culture and Representation at the Department of Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo

    Lecturer, Center for General Education, Faculty of Engineering, Ashikaga University
    Oct. 2019-present Current position
    Ph.D. (Academic)
    Studies of Culture and Representation; Modern Cultural History of Japan; Media History
    Research Subject
    1) Modern and contemporary representation of the Emperor (system)
    2) Ghost stories and the occult in modern and contemporary Japan
    supernatural; occult; ghost stories; the Emperor (system); Imperial family; local community; nationalism; historiography
    Colloquium for Studies of National History (Kokushi Danwakai); The Association for Indology and Study of Religion; Association for Cultural Typhoon; Association for Modern Japanese Literary Studies; Japan Comparative Literature Association; Association for the Study of Showa Literature (Shōwa Bungakukai)
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  • Books
    『表象天皇制論講義 皇族・地域社会・メディア』(白澤社、 2019年)
    『表象としての皇族 メディアにみる地域社会の皇室像』(吉川弘文館 、2017年)
    Academic Papers
    ・茂木謙之介「キャラクター化される歴史的人物――「キャラ」としての天皇・皇族の分析から」(大橋崇行・山中智省編『小説の生存戦略 ライトノベル・メディア・ジェンダー 』青弓社 、2020年)
    ・茂木謙之介「改元の暴くもの ―大正末~昭和初期における女性皇族の表象をめぐって―」(『足利大学研究集録』54号、2019年)
    ・茂木謙之介「〈宗教〉で〈幻想〉を語る 雑誌『幻想文学』研究序説」(『Juncture 超域的日本文化研究』9号、2018年)
    May 2018 The Association for Indology and Study of Religion award