Associate Professor LYU Zeyu

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A “telescope” for humanities and social sciences

Computational Humanities and Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary field of research that applies digital tools to conduct experiments and surveys; it also utilizes advanced computational methods such as machine learning and natural language processing to investigate the humanities and social sciences with unprecedented resolution and scale. The newly available big data and information technology are set to bring about a paradigm shift in the humanities and social sciences. All these innovations are expected to do to the humanities and social sciences what the telescope did to astronomy.
The potential of big data and AI is not limited to research; we have also seen the growing demand for these new tools in the industrial sector in recent years. However, new technologies and expertise can serve to solve social issues and make important contributions to society and industry only on the basis of extant research in humanities and social sciences.
More than ever, we need professional psychologists, sociologists, and behavioral scientists capable of combining disciplinary knowledge with data science skills to produce surplus value. The Department of Computational Humanities and Social Sciences provides the ideal training ground for such professionals. If you are eager to face the challenge of mastering interdisciplinary competence and opening up new research directions, we will happily offer you a chance to learn and grow.

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    Computational Humanities and Social Sciences (Advanced Seminar)
    Personal History
    Received a Ph.D. at the Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University.

    Research Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DC2)
    Project Researcher, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo
    Ph.D. (Literature)
    computational social science
    Research Subject
    political polarization; opinion formation on social media; applied machine learning in social sciences
    big data; machine learning; natural language processing
    The Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology
  • Academic Papers
    Zeyu Lyu, Hiroki Takikawa (2022). “Media framing and expression of anti-China sentiment in COVID-19-related news discourse: An analysis using deep learning methods”, Heliyon 8(8): e10419
    Zeyu Lyu, Hiroki Takikawa (2022). “Disparity and Dynamics of Social Distancing Behaviors in Japan: An Investigation of Mobile Phone Mobility Data”, JMIR Medical Informatics 10(3):e31557
    Maoxin Ye, Zeyu Lyu (2020).“Trust, Risk Perception, and COVID-19 Infections: Evidence from Multilevel Analyses of Combined Original Dataset in China”, Social Science and Medicine 265,113517
    Zeyu Lyu. “Ideological and Behavioral Perspectives on Political Polarization: Evidence from Japan.”, Sociological Theory and Methods 35(2)
    Tohoku University President’s Award