Assistant Professor RAEVSKIY Alexander

Affiliations :

  • Graduate School Faculty of Arts and Letters
  • Division of Department of Integrated Human Sciences
  • Psychology and Linguistics Course
  • Department of Psychology

Solving mysteries inside
the sounds of the words

Sound symbolism is a linguistic phenomenon, but it is very promising to investigate the psychological aspects of it, especially on the base of the Japanese language.
There is some evidence that language can influence the way we perceive the world around us, and Japanese language is a very good instrument to explore it in detail. Information about connection between sound and other modalities can shed a light upon roots of language and human nature in general.

  • Research, History
  • Courses
    Psycholinguistics, Psychology of religion
    Personal History
    Graduated in 2006 from Moscow State University, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Department of Japanese culture and history.
    Since 2009 has been working at the Faculty of Psychology of MSU.
    From 2019 has been working in Tohoku University.
    2021-2022 - Research fellow of Japan Society for Promotion of Science.
    2022-2023 – Specially appointed Assistant Professor at the Research Institute of Yotta Informatics (Tohoku University).
    PhD (Psychology)
    Psycholinguistics, Psychology of religion
    Research Subject
    Connection between language and cognition
    Sound symbolism, Mimetic words, Cross-cultural comparison
    The Japanese Psychological Association
    The Japanese Association for Study of Taste and Smell