Associate Professor KIYAMA Sachiko

Affiliations :

  • Graduate School Faculty of Arts and Letters
  • Division of Department of Integrated Human Sciences
  • Psychology and Linguistics Course
  • Department of Linguistics

Experimental research measuring differences in linguistic performance

I love watching passers-by, so I conducted traffic surveys as a part-time job in my university years. The following happened during one such survey, which I took on Saturday in the business district of Kanda, Tokyo. I could not stand the cold and ran into the nearest telephone booth. Just for once I had forgotten my traffic counter, so I decided to make notes using character正. There was a directory stand under the telephone that became a perfect table when I set up my folding chair in front of it. But I suppose I did not look like a traffic surveyor sitting on my chair in the telephone booth, with a pen in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. Occasionally I would hear people laugh, and those who wanted to make a call suspected that I was studying in the booth. That day I knew how unpleasant it felt to be given an odd look.
That time in Kanda made me mature a little. Nowadays I conduct experimental research of processes by which humans utter and understand words. I have to go out and about collecting data, and this is not always an easy task. But I remember the fascination I felt years ago when I realized that people I was watching from the roadside were all different from each other. That fascination might be the part of motivation that drives me today.

  • Research, History
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  • Courses
    Research Methodologies in Pragmatics: an Introduction; Experiments in Language Processing; Methods of Language Data Analysis
    Personal History
    Graduated from the First Department of Literature, Waseda University
    Completed Master’s program at the Graduate School of Area and Culture Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
    Completed the doctoral program in language education at the Chikuro Hiroike School of Graduate Studies, Reitaku University

    Researcher, Graduate School of Languages and Cultures, Nagoya University
    Researcher, National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology
    Research Lecturer, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Mie University
    Current position
    Ph.D. (Literature)
    Experimental Pragmatics
    Research Subject
    Age-related changes in pragmatic language processing;
    Field-based cognitive neurolinguistics
    Interpersonal modalities; interpersonal distance regulation; cerebral function; age-related changes
    The Linguistic Society of Japan; The Pragmatics Society of Japan; The Japanese Society for Language Sciences
  • Books
    「語用論調査法」、『語用論研究法ガイドブック』、加藤重広・滝浦真人編、東京: ひつじ書房、2016、261-282
    Academic Papers
    "From universal perceptions to diverging behaviors: An exploratory comparison of responses to unreasonable accusations among the United States, Japan and South Korea," in International Journal of Linguistics and Communication, 4, 2016, 19-33(with Takatori Y., Lim H. and Tamaoka K.)
    "Distant functional connectivity during bimanual finger movements declines with aging: An fMRI and SEM exploration," in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 8:251, 2014, 1-13(with Kunimi M., Iidaka T., and Nakai, T.)
    "Effect of animacy on word order processing in Kaqchikel Maya," in Open Journal of Modern Linguistics 3, 2013, 203-207(with Tamaoka K., Kim J. and Koizumi M.)
    「自他両用の「-化する」における自動詞用法と他動詞用法の比較: 新聞コーパスの用例に基づく多変量解析」、『言語研究』139, 2011、29-56(with Tamaoka Katsuo)
    2012 Best Paper Award, 144th Annual Conference of the Linguistic Society of Japan