Professor KOBAYASHI Takashi

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Join us in recording dialects!

Dialects, which are my research subject, are obviously a type of cultural heritage, but they are such a mundane phenomenon that many people do not understand their importance. Now, however, language standardization has driven Japanese traditional dialects to the brink of extinction. There is little time left for us to record them for future generations. I am currently doing a survey of one thousand sites all over Japan. In addition, every year we conduct fieldwork research on the local dialects of Tohoku region together with students. Our priority is to record and open to the public the dialects of the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake ( I hope that you will also get interested in regional dialects and join us in recording them. Even a small effort will surely result in most valuable documents, and collected data should reveal various new facts about regional culture and history. For instance, the postcard you have probably seen, “The exclamations people make when they fail”, was created using the results of a nationwide survey. It is clear that expressions of surprise in Kansai are indeed unique to the region. We can suggest that history of surprise and surprised exclamations in Japan is reflected in its dialects.

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    Japanese Linguistics (General Lecture); Japanese Linguistics (Special Lecture); Japanese Linguistics (Seminar); Variation of Japanese (Advanced Lecture); Structure of Japanese (Advanced Seminar)
    Personal History
    Born Niigata Prefecture.
    Received a B.A. in linguistics at Tohoku University
    Completed the doctoral program at Tohoku University

    Researcher, Senior Researcher, Language Change Division, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics
    Current position
    Ph.D. (Literature)
    Dialectology; Japanese Language History
    Research Subject
    1) Dialectological study of Japanese language history;
    2) Dialectological aspects of interjections and onomatopoeia in verbal communication;
    3) Dialects of the Tohoku disaster area and restoration of the region
    Dialect; Japanese language history; communication; discourse; verbal behavior; interjection; onomatopoeia; the Great East Japan Earthquake
    The Society for Japanese Linguistics; Dialectological Circle of Japan; The Japanese Association of Sociolinguistic Sciences; The Linguistic Society of Japan; The Phonetic Society of Japan; The Society for Research in Kunten Language
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    2004 11th Shinmura Izuru Prize
    1986 23rd Kindaichi Kyōsuke Memorial Prize