Professor ADACHI Hiroaki

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Research is like a jigsaw puzzle

As a researcher, you have to peruse multiple historical materials, discover issues no one has discussed before, and prove their validity. Here lies the very pleasure of research. It is like creating a jigsaw puzzle within your mind. A historical record constitutes one piece. You consistently (and objectively) put pieces together until they form a complete picture.
Unlike a puzzle, however, the pieces do not come in a box — you have to search for them. Furthermore, choosing only those pieces that suit you will result in an overly subjective, skewed picture, so you must make efforts to remain objective (by backing your theory with actual proof). In order to achieve this, you must acquire more and more historical materials, approach them with an open mind, investigate them from various angles and interpret them as objectively as possible. Even the materials you personally find hard to understand might be indispensable in reconstructing images of history.
There are particularly many materials related to the history of modern and contemporary Japan. In fact, they come in such great numbers that lots of those sources have never been used by historians. To find and identify such materials (or pieces of jigsaw puzzle), and then make something new out of them is also a part of the fun.

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    Japanese History (Seminar); Japanese History (Special Lecture)
    Personal History
    Graduated from the Department of History, College of Arts, Rikkyo University
    Completed the doctoral program in history at the Graduate School of Arts, Rikkyo University

    Teacher, Rikkyo Junior High School
    Teacher, Rikkyo Ikebukuro Junior and Senior High School
    Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University
    Current position

    I specialize in history of modern and contemporary Japan and politico-economic history of Japan in the war period
    Ph.D. (Literature)
    History of Modern And Contemporary Japan
    Research Subject
    Modern and contemporary Japan and Asia;
    Spatial policy and national planning in pre- and postwar Japan, and their implementation on the local level;
    Development of the mobilization system in Japan during World War II
    Modern and contemporary Japan and Asia; politico-economic history of Japan in the war period
    Tohoku Historical Society; The Society of Japanese Colonial Studies; Japanese Association for Contemporary Historical Studies; The Historical Science Society of Japan
    Database of Researchers Information
  • Books
    『講座 東北の歴史』第1巻(争いと人の移動)、清文堂出版、2012 (co-editor)
    Academic Papers
    「『大東亜共栄圏』論」『岩波講座 日本歴史』第18巻(近現代4)、大津透ほか編、岩波書店、2015、141-176
    「戦時期国土計画と東北地方-仙塩地方開発を事例に-」、『講座 東北の歴史』第1巻(争いと人の移動)、安達宏昭・河西晃祐編著、清文堂出版、2012、133-153
    「日本の東南アジア・南洋進出」、『岩波講座 東アジア近現代通史』第4巻(社会主義とナショナリズム)、和田春樹ほか編、岩波書店、2011、340-359