Professor KAWAI Yasushi

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The life buried in books

I suppose the same applies to literary scholars and scholars of philosophy, but as a historian, I must consult multiple sources both for my research and my studies, as well as for my hobbies. The number of books I own grows every year — countless stacks pile up in my office and in my house. In addition to Japanese publications on Chinese history, I own great many Chinese books dedicated to the subject. During the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami all these books got scattered about, and the bookshelves were severely damaged. Thus I finally realized I had to rethink my book-keeping ways. As a result, I adopted the following policy. First, I get rid of books I do not use; second, I organize the remaining ones according to the frequency of use. I try not to throw unnecessary books away: instead I allow students to have them or take them to the secondhand bookstore. In a bold move I rented a storage place located between my house and the office, and now rarely used books are all kept there. Such are the principles of book keeping I follow these days.

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    Undergraduate: East Asian History (Introductory Reading); East Asian History (Seminar); East Asian History (Special Lecture);
    Graduate: Ancient and Medieval History in East Asia (Advanced Seminar); Ancient and Medieval History in East Asia (Advanced Lecture)
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    Received a B.A. in East Asian History at the Faculty of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University
    Completed the doctoral program (without a doctoral degree) at the Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University

    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Hirosaki University
    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Letters, Hokkaido University
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    Ph.D. (Literature)
    Chinese History (from Wei-Jin to Sui-Tang dynasties)
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    Chinese aristocracy in the period from Wei-Jin to Sui-Tang dynasties
    The Society of Oriental Researches; The Historical Society of Japan; The Association for the Study of Tang History; The Institute of Eastern Culture; Tohoku Historical Society; The Sinological Society of Tohoku
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