Associate Professor FONGARO Enrico

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A maze of arts and words

Remember now the wonderful harmony of Bach’s chorales. Or the pureness of Simone Martini’s paintings that makes time stand still. Some people might presume that they can understand these works by simply listening to or viewing them. But a foreigner can savour the beauty of Matsuo Bashō’s haiku only when they are translated. Likewise, other art works also require some kind of “translation”, and so we must consider the role of language in our interactions with them.
If we want to better understand the works of art that have power to move people’s hearts all over the world, it is absolutely necessary that we overcome the language barrier and study their cultural and linguistic background. In order to do so, you might need to lose and re-discover yourself, to wander the maze of language and culture. Italian arts and culture are one of the sources of modern European culture. I hope that you will take a chance to get familiar with them while studying Italian, and that many of you will travel to Europe one day.

  • Research, History
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    Italian (Elementary Level/Intermediate Level/Advanced Level); Aesthetics and History of European Fine Arts (General Lecture); Aesthetics and History of European Fine Arts (Seminar)
    Personal History
    Awarded a second-cycle degree in Philosophical Sciences at the School of Human and Social Sciences and Cultural Heritage University of Padua (corresponds to master’s degree)
    Completed the doctoral program (without a doctoral degree) at Kyoto Institute of Technology

    Part-time Lecturer, Kobe University
    Research Fellow (Part-time), Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
    2012 Appointed to current position
    M.A. (Philosophy)
    Philosophy (in particular Japanese philosophy, e.g. philosophy of Nishida Kitaro); Aesthetics
    Research Subject
    「ファンタズマタの世界」−西田幾多郎における美学と時間論」(research funded by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research C (KAKEN); principal investigator, 2017-19);
    「感情の媒介的機能に定位した、よき共同的な生の構想」(research funded by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research B (KAKEN); co-Investigator (principal investigator – Noe Keiichi), 2017-present);
    “The Surface of the Present - Ontology and Time in the Philosophy of Nishida Kitaro” (research funded by Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research C (KAKEN); principal investigator, 2014-16)
    Aesthetics; Japanese philosophy; intercultural philosophy; Nishida Kitaro; translation
    The Japanese Society for Aesthetics; The Nishida Philosophy Association; Japanese Society of Existential Thought; Associazione di Studi Italiani in Giappone; Japan Schopenhauer Association; The European Association for Japanese Studies (EAJS); European Network of Japanese Philosophy (ENOJP)
  • Books
    Opere complete di K. Nishida, vol. 1, Uno studio sul bene, Mimesis, Milano 2017(trans. into Italian from西田幾多郎イタリア語版全集 第1巻 『善の研究』)
    K. Nishida, Problemi fondamentali della filosofia, Trans., ed. Enrico Fongaro, Marsilio, Venezia, 2014(trans. in Italian from西田幾多郎『哲学の基礎問題―信濃哲学会のための講演』)
    M. Heidegger, Il "Sofista" di Platone, Adelphi, Milano, 2013 (translation collaborator)
    Academic Papers
    "Il pensiero interculturale di Nishida Kitarō", in G. Cognetti, Con un altro sguardo. Piccola introduzione alla filosofia interculturale, Donzelli, Roma, 2014, 138-149 (with Marcello Ghilardi)
    「イタリア語スピーキング」(with Hayashi Ryōko)、2010、三修社