Associate Professor NAGAYOSHI Kikuko

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In search of personal social awareness

My thoughts are my own thing. And yet, they are also shaped by the society I belong to. For instance, when you are deciding what to wear, you unconsciously select an outfit suitable for the occasion. At times like that society’s influence on our consciousness becomes clear. Society guides our thoughts in many other cases, too. When we choose what to eat, we count calories or evaluate whether the photo of the dish will be presentable enough for SNS. Likewise, we consider how to answer when a stranger inquires about our interests. Even our dreams about the future are molded by society. In sum, social norms and rules are reflected in our minds and restrict our behavior.
In order to explore the norms hidden within people’s minds I analyze quantitative data collected via social surveys. Through the analysis of objective data I achieve a clear, bird's‐eye view on socially constructed aspects of my own consciousness. It is a thrilling experience, an opportunity to escape from the familiar models that bind me.

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    Behavioral Science (Introductory Laboratory Work); Behavioral Science (Special Lecture); Behavioral Science (Seminar)
    Personal History
    Received a B.A. in human sciences at the School of Human Sciences, Osaka University
    Received a Ph.D. at the Graduate School of Human Sciences, Osaka University

    Guest Researcher, Umeå University (Sweden)
    Current position
    Ph.D. (Human Sciences)
    Mathematical Sociology, Social Psychology; Ethnic Relations
    Research Subject
    Major factors and mechanisms of discrimination development
    Anti-immigration attitudes; social consciousness; discrimination; nationalism
    The Japan Sociological Society; Japanese Association for Mathematical Sociology; Kansai Sociological Association; Tohoku Sociological Society
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  • Books
    Academic Papers
    "Economic Integration of Skilled Migrants in Japan: The Role of Employment Practices," in International Migration Review (In press) (with Hilary Holbrow)
    "Anti-immigration attitudes in different welfare states: Do types of labor market policies matter?" in International Journal of Comparative Sociology 56 (2), 141-162(with Mikael Hjerm)
    在日外国人住民の社会的ネットワークとその規定要因―宮城県外国人県民アンケートの結果から」、『社会学研究』 97、2015、49-74
    2007 JGSS Paper Competitions winner (Outstanding Paper Award), Japanese General Social Surveys