Associate Professor OHMURA Tetsuo

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The truth in the irrational

It is impossible to follow the voice of reason throughout your entire life.
Here and there people try to achieve peace of heart by clinging to the irrational. Some pray to gods when in trouble or on the eve of some great event, in other words, turn to religion. But “lucky” clothes put on for important occasions, personal rituals athletes do before a match, jinxes and other superstitions all belong to the same category. There is no guarantee whatsoever that a prayer will change objective reality, or that an offering to the gods will bring proportional profit. Then why do so many people turn to these practices?
It is fascinating that humans strive for the rational, on the one hand, and yet persist in believing in the irrational, on the other hand. It occurs to me that in this irrational behavior hides some profound truth about our psyche. This is the reason humans are so interesting.
Within my research, I first and foremost try to see the human through the prism of such ostensibly irrational behavior. Additionally, I am involved with rinshoshukyoshi training. How does “unscientific” care heal people? How does “religion” work? I find these questions really compelling and thought-provoking.

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    Science of Religions; Thanatology; Applied Thanatology
    Ph.D. (Literature)
    Research Subject
    Religion and acceptance of one’s own and others’ mortality;
    Rinshoshukyoshi training;
    Religious culture of Guatemala
    Death acceptance; rinshoshukyoshi (spiritual care worker); child mortality; Guatemalan religious culture
    Japanese Association for Religious Studies; The Association of Japanese Clinical Psychology; The Association for Indology and Study of Religion; Japan Socio-Gerontological Society; The Japan Association of Sandplay Therapy; Japanese Psychological Academy for Human Care; Japan Society for Spiritual Care; The Folklore Society of Japan; etc.
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  • Books
    『精神対話論』、慶應義塾大学出版会、2013(joint authorship)
    『心理臨床とセラピストの人生 関わり合いの中の事例研究』、創元社、2015(co-editor)
    『宗教を心理学する』、誠信書房、2016(joint authorship)
    Academic Papers
    "Psychological Practices and Religiosity (Shukyosei) of People in Communities Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami," in Pastoral Psychology ( 65 )、2016、 1-15, DOI (with Chizuko Saito, Hiroshi Higuchi, and Shizuka Sato)
    Publications in『河北新報』、2016;『朝日新聞』、2015、2010