Professor TSUCHIYA Ikuko

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What Chinese plays reflect

I study popular novels that belong to Chinese classical literature. I am particularly interested in plays, that is, scripts for stage performance. For instance, there are plays based on The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, The Water Margin and Journey to the West, just like Japanese Noh and Kabuki plays are based on popular tales and legends. It should be easy even for those unfamiliar with Chinese theatre to imagine what I am talking about. Noh and Kabuki plays are symbols of Japanese culture – Chinese plays, too, epitomize the culture of China.
Popular entertainment thrived from the end of the Tang Dynasty throughout the Song Dynasty, leaving us a rich collection of works. Back then, people from all classes enjoyed watching those plays or reading them in printed form, and texts kept changing according to the tastes and preferences of their audiences. Incidentally, those plays were also exported to Japan and appreciated by local viewers. I believe that these works of popular literature with their accumulated transformations function like a mirror that reflects Chinese society and culture in the clearest way possible.

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    Chinese Literature (General Lecture); Chinese Literature (Introductory Reading); Chinese Literature (Seminar); Chinese Language and Literature (Advanced Seminar)
    Personal History
    Born Nagano Prefecture.
    Completed the doctoral program (without a doctoral degree) at Kyoto University
    Exchange student at Peking University (2 years)

    Associate Professor, Faculty of Culture and Education, Saga University
    Professor, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University (current position)
    Ph.D. (Literature)
    Chinese Literature (plays and dramas; novels)
    Research Subject
    Textual analysis of Chinese plays
    Chinese literature; play and drama; popular novel
    The Sinological Society of Japan; The Toho Gakkai (The Institute of Eastern Culture); The Chinese Linguistic Society of Japan; Chinese Classic Novels Research Society; Chinese Literature Association (Kyoto University); Society for the Study of Chinese Literature, History, Philosophy; The Sinological Society of Kyushu; The Sinological Society of Kyushu University
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  • Books
    『元刊雑劇の研究』、汲古書院、2007 (with Akamatsu Norihiko and others)
    『元刊雜劇の研究(二)』、汲古書院、2011(with Kin Bunkyō and others)
    『元刊雜劇の研究(三)』、汲古書院、2014(with Akamatsu Norihiko and others)
    青木正児等著・李玲訳『品梅記』、中国・文化芸術出版社、2015年(trans. into Japanese by Tsuchiya Ikuko)
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