Associate Professor CRAIG Christopher

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Towards a modern history that properly understands agricultural villages and farmers

When one hears the word “modern,” images of machinery and factories or major cities like Tokyo or New York come automatically to mind. In contrast, farming and farmers are seen as premodern holdouts at odds with modernity.
The modern transformation of agriculture and its practitioners, however, occupy a place of profound importance in modernity. The majority of the population in any country or region lived in rural regions by means of farming. In response to the rapid changes that were taking place in society, what ideas and experiences did these people have? What influences did these changes impose on local areas? Facing “the modern,” farmers did not act as passive objects; they participated actively in forging its shape. They made important contributions to modernity.
My research takes Miyagi and other regions as examples and pursues the fundamental goal of creating a new idea of “the modern” that includes the role that farming villages and farmers played in the various processes of modernity.

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    Modern Japanese History
    Japanese Culture and Society
    Reading and Translation Fundamentals for Japanese History
    Personal History
    Undergraduate degree, University of British Columbia, Canada
    Master’s degree, University of British Columbia, Canada
    Ph.D., Columbia University, USA, Dissertation: Middlemen of Modernity: Local Elites and Agricultural Development in 20th-Century Japan
    Lecturer, Japanese History, Concordia University, Canada
    Lecturer, History/Sociology and Cultural and Critical Studies, University of British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada
    Associate Professor, Japanese History, Tohoku University
    Ph.D. (History)
    Japanese History
    Research Subject
    Modern Japanese farming villages (2006-present)
    Colonialism (2016-present)
    Agricultural history, local history, Miyagi, Manchukuo
  • Books
    Craig, Christopher, Enrico Fongaro, and Akihiro Ozaki, editors. How to Learn? Nippon/Japan as Object, Nippon/Japan as Method(学びの方法 対象としてニッポン、方法としてニッポン): Acts of the 1st Symposium of the Hasekura League University of Florence Palazzo Marucelli-Fenzi, 29-30 October 2015. Mimesis International.
    Academic Papers
    Christopher Craig. 「日本の東北における農民と満州移民-宮城県の地主・小作人を中心に-」『翰林日本学』2018年
    Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Postdoctoral 2013-2015 Fellowship (Declined)
    Shinchō Graduate Fellowship for Study in Japan 2010-2011 Shinchō Foundation for the Promotion of Literature
    Japan Studies Fellowship 2009-2010 Japan Foundation
    SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (Declined) 2006 Social Sciences and Human Resources Research Council of Canada
    SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship - Master's 2005-2006 Social Sciences and Human Resources Research Council of Canada
    ・"Nihon no Tōhoku chihō ni okeru nōmin to Manshū imin: Miyagiken no jinushi, kosakunin o chūshin ni." Teikoku Nihon no kūkan to idō, Hallym University, March, 2017
    ・"Nature, National Character, and Unnatural Disaster: Problems at the Nexus of National Recovery and Nuclear Disaster." Tohoku Forum for Creativity 2017, Tohoku University, February, 2017
    ・"From Mexico to Manchuria: Imagination, Emigration, and Imperialism in Rural Japan." World History Association Conference: Global History and Transformation of the Global Countryside. Ghent University, Belgium, July, 2016
    ・"Fighting the Farmers for National Wealth: Landlords, Tenants, and Smallholders in Japan's New Agricultural Order." Ball State University, Indiana, USA, January, 2014
    ・"Hunger Games: Landlords, Tenants, and the Evolution of Agricultural Policy in Japan." WIGH Harvard Conference on the History of Agrarian Labor Regimes. Harvard University, Cambridge, USA, April, 2013