Division of Department of Japanese Studies Department of Applied Japanese Linguistics

We study Japanese language as a vehicle connecting people from different cultural backgrounds

Generally speaking, applied Japanese linguistics covers two areas. On the one hand, it searches for effective methods of teaching Japanese as a foreign language. On the other hand, it strives to devise and implement techniques that would allow representatives of different cultures quickly and smoothly reach mutual understanding. In our department, Japanese students and exchange students from various countries and cultural backgrounds study Japanese and Japanese teaching and learning together. Everyone is able to work in a free, relaxed atmosphere, and the students get to know more, not only about linguistic or educational matters, but about Japanese society as a whole. During the Japanese language teaching practice they utilize this comprehensive knowledge as they design their own course on Japanese and teach it to foreign learners. This invaluable experience is one of the crucial parts of our program. Our students also learn how to use equipment necessary for lesson observation, study statistical methods, academic writing, and presentation techniques.
Graduates from our department may always pursue a career in education and research. However, a multitude of other options is also available to them, since they possess flexible and respectful approaches to different cultures and wide mental horizons — indispensable traits in the globalized society of today.

Message from Senior


3rd grade, Humanities and Social Sciences
High school : Gifu Prefectural Kanou

Recommended book : Kiriko by Nishi Kanako
Reason : The book argues that a person is equally defined by their looks and interiority. This central message is conveyed through the growth of the protagonist Kiriko and her kind treatment by other characters. This story gives you the courage to accept yourself.

Highlights of the Faculty of Arts and Letters

I find the Faculty of Arts and Letters more appealing than other faculties, because here we can choose our courses freely. There are twenty five departments to choose from, so chances are high that you will encounter a new area of studies you know nothing about. At the Department of Applied Linguistics, we do actual teaching practice during the third year, training exchange students and foreign researchers. In addition, I was able to practice teaching Japanese during my overseas internship sponsored by Tohoku University and the Japan Foundation. I spent a lot of time with Thai students, which was both entertaining and instructive! Additionally, there are professors of sociology in our department, so our studies are not limited to linguistics and education.

To everyone aiming for the Faculty of Arts and Letters

The Faculty of Arts and Letters is the most flexible of all Tohoku University’s faculties. Class schedules are structured more or less freely, so it is possible to combine your studies with club life, a part-time job, or hobbies. Many students at the faculty also enroll in exchange programs and go overseas or work as tutors for foreign students. As a university student, you are allowed to decide for yourself what courses to take and how to use your time, and there are quite a few holidays. In other words, you will have plenty of opportunities to try something new, travel abroad, and otherwise enjoy yourself!
Things learnt in high school will often come in handy even after you become a university student and a working adult. I hope you will all go on studying with unyielding enthusiasm!