Division of Department of Integrated Human Sciences Department of Behavioral Science

We research various issues related to human behavior and social mechanisms

Behavioral scientists seek the answers to various “whys” concerning human behavior and social mechanisms — in other words, they research humankind and society as parts of one whole. Issues addressed by behavioral science are relevant to various other disciplines: sociology, psychology, economics, political science, and others. Furthermore, its main research methods are mathematical and statistical analyses. Behavioral science is an interdisciplinary field that transcends the distinction between natural sciences and the humanities.
Two types of research are conducted within our department, generally speaking.
On the one hand, we conduct social surveys and apply statistical analysis of collected data to study various inequalities and public awareness regarding them.
On the other hand, we create and analyze mathematical models of different social phenomena. We focus on investigating how outcomes of multiple private choices accumulate to cause unforeseen consequences on the level of society — the phenomenon often evident in environmental and other problems. We are waiting for students who are brimming with intellectual curiosity and have a broad range of interests.

Message from Senior


3rd grade, Humanities and Social Sciences
High school : Yamagata Prefectural Yamagata-Higashi

Recommended book : Subete ga F ni naru/The perfect insider by Mori Hiroshi
Reason : A locked-room murder mystery set on an isolated island. Multi-layered tricks and unexpected plot-twists and explanations draw the reader right into the story. The payoff of the foreshadowing in the title is also brilliant. Recommended to everyone who loves mysteries and trick explanations.

Highlights of the Faculty of Arts and Letters

There is only one school at the Faculty of Arts and Letters. But second-year students are able to join one of the twenty five departments and focus on courses related to their major. You might be flabbergasted by the sheer number of departments, but first-year students can take a course that consists of hour-long lectures on every discipline and field of study. The faculty also organizes official visits to department rooms, when new students can talk directly to department members. All in all, you will be provided the time and information necessary to make up your mind. At the Department of Behavioral Science we research human behavior using statistics and mathematical methods.
All departments in the Faculty of Arts and Letters have one thing in common: they all research human beings and related phenomena. If anything about humans and humanity interests you, you should join our faculty!

To everyone aiming for the Faculty of Arts and Letters

Entrance exams to the Faculty of Arts and Letters consist mostly of basic problems. I memorized all the basics before taking the National Center Test for University Admissions. English in particular was my weak point, so I read long texts, collected words I did not know, made a ring of flashcards and carried it everywhere, starting with the train. Furthermore, before the second exam I went through past exam questions for the previous seven or eight years. I revised the material repeatedly every time I made a mistake, until I felt completely confident in my knowledge.
When studying for entrance exams, it is important to do it every day and to establish your own method. If you study diligently, the accumulated results will dispel your doubts and anxieties. I hope that all of you will all be able to walk the path of your choosing!