In charge of Foreign Students

Our campus is open to the world

The internationalization of Tohoku University is proceeding at a rapid pace. The Faculty of Arts and Letters also hosts many foreign students and runs a large amount of short- and long-term exchange programs. On the other hand, many Japanese students of our university are currently preparing to participate in similar programs, or have already gone to study overseas.
The International Affairs Bureau was founded to support exchange students. Our members can consult you about administrative procedures and paperwork in Japan, as well as the specifics of the national educational system. Likewise, they have all necessary information about universities overseas. So if you are in need of advice, feel free to come to us.
Furthermore, we organize various events in collaboration with the International Oasis. Established by the four faculties and graduate schools of the social sciences and humanities (Arts and Letters, Economics, Education, and Law), the International Oasis is situated on the first floor of Multidisciplinary Research Building, Kawauchi South Campus. This is another opportunity for you to make contact with international students and foreign cultures. You can get a great deal of useful information there, too. Visit the Oasis and see for yourself.