• Admission-related

    • I submitted my application, but then decided to apply to another department/division. Is this still possible?

      According to the Application Guidelines, the application cannot be revised after it has been submitted.

    • Do I have to submit my health certificate together with my application?

      No. However, candidates with health-related needs may need to provide their health certificates when they apply for SDS* Exam Services.
      * Student Disability Services

    • I paid the application fee before the start of the prescribed period. Will my application be accepted as valid?

      The application will be accepted as valid. However, this might lead to problems with payment confirmation later. Please, pay the fee within the prescribed period. 
    • Can I apply for admission if I am already enrolled at another university?

      Yes, you may. However, if you pass the entrance examination and enter Tohoku University, you must withdraw from your previous university to avoid double enrollment. 
    • I want to buy my return transportation ticket. When will we be allowed to leave the exam center?

      Examinees are allowed to leave the entrance exam room after the number of collected answer sheets for the exam subject has been confirmed (it takes about thirty minutes after the end of the examination). Additionally, the start time of the examination may be delayed due to bad weather, so you should plan accordingly.
    • Do I have to submit my High School Report even if I finished school several years ago?

      As a rule, a High School Report is required in all cases. However, if the school does not release High School Reports for a certain period, you should submit the Certificate of Graduation, a High School Transcript (or a Certificate of Credits in case the latter cannot be issued), and a Statement of Reasons from your school (free form). Please contact your former school to confirm what types of certificates they can issue.
    • I passed the exam for Certificate for Students Achieving the Proficiency Level of Upper Secondary School Graduates. Do I need to submit High School Report in addition to the Certificate?

      If you were exempt from the Certificate exam on a certain subject on the grounds of completing a course on the subject in high school, you must submit the school report accounting for that course.
    • Is the High School Report only valid for a certain period?

      There is no term of validity, but applicants who have already graduated must submit the High School Report released after the graduation (not before the expected graduation date). The Report must be submitted in a sealed envelope with stamp across the seal.
    • Do you provide information about lodging facilities available during the exam season?

      We do not introduce lodging facilities directly, but you can consult the "Entrance Exam Preparation Guide" (published by Tohoku University Coop) enclosed with your Application Guidelines.
    • My application documents might not arrive in time. What should I do?

      According to the Application Guidelines, application documents must arrive by the deadline or they will not be accepted. Please send your application documents in advance. Please note that we do not accept applications by walk-in.