Before coming to Japan

  1. Contact the International Office at the home university for information on Tohoku University partner professors.
  2. Contact partner professor at home university for information on applications, requirements, and deadlines.
  3. Apply for the Siebold Program through the partner professor at the home university.
  4. Home university partner professor makes selection from received applications and sends recommendation to Tohoku University.
  5. Siebold Program administrators examine recommendations for final approval.
  6. The Faculty of Arts and Letters issues acceptance package to successful applicants with visa and other instructions.
  7. Submit visa information forms via the Tohoku University website
  8. Receipt of Certificate of Eligibility (COE) needed for visa application.
  9. Apply for visa at a Japanese consulate or embassy in home country.
  10. Purchase airline tickets and travel insurance.

After arriving in Sendai

  1. Arrive in Sendai.
  2. TU representatives meet participants at Sendai Station, escort them to their housing units.
  3. Siebold Program orientation meeting.
  4. Register for classes.
  5. Classes begin.

Don't forget!

  • Ensure your passport is valid beyond your planned stay in Japan
  • Notify your home country government of your travel plans
  • Provide contact information to family/friends
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