Do I need to be fluent in Japanese?
No. The program is aimed at students with abilities ranging from intermediate to expert. It is expected that students will have some understanding of Japanese as it pertains to their field of study.
Is it expensive to live in Japan?
One of the advantages of studying in a city outside of the major metropolitan areas is that basic costs are much lower. The 80,000-yen monthly stipend supplies enough money to cover basic living expenses, such as food, rent (in university housing), and utilities.
What if I don't like seafood/sushi?
Sendai has hundreds of restaurants of every type, suiting all kinds of tastes. Even the campus cafeteria offers a wide variety of different types of food.
"I have no experience traveling to foreign countries. Will I be able to function in Sendai?"
Both the Siebold Program and Tohoku University offer extensive services to help international students in their daily lives and their studies.
Should I worry about natural disasters?
Sendai is one of the cities most prepared for natural disasters in the world. Buildings are constructed in accordance with a strict code ensuring that they will survive even the strongest of earthquakes and institutions like Tohoku University have in place detailed safety plans in the event of emergency.

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