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Founded in Sendai as the third Imperial Japanese university in 1907, Tohoku University was the first Japanese university to accept female students. In more recent years, TU has adopted an innovative strategy based upon the principles of Research First, Openness, and Practical Academics and taken a place among the top rank of Japanese universities. Its 10 faculties, 16 graduate schools, 3 professional graduate schools, and 6 research institutes are home to 6,442 faculty and staff members and serve 17,685 students, including over 1,500 international students. The Japanese government has designated Tohoku University a Super Global University, granting it special recognition as a world-class university and enabling exchange agreements with 575 institutions in 50 countries worldwide.

The Graduate School/
Faculty of Arts and Letters


The original form of the Faculty of Arts and Letters was founded at Tohoku Imperial University in 1922, and was the first faculty devoted to the humanities and social sciences in Japan. It took its present form with the reorganization of the university as Tohoku University in 1949, moving to the beautiful natural forest setting of Kawauchi in 1973. Students in the Faculty of Arts and Letters choose from 26 fields of specialization in 19 programmes under the four umbrella divisions of Humane Studies, Linguistic Studies, Historical Studies, and Human Sciences. The faculty's mission is to promote a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to the study of humanity and its challenges and to foster graduates who will put their knowledge and training to work to solve problems in the real world.

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Tohoku University
Tohoku University

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Graduate School/Faculty of Arts and Letters
Tohoku University
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