Admission Policy

Complex and challenging problems of today's world can hardly be solved by technology alone - we need to employ the expertise of the social sciences and humanities based on deep insight into human nature. Society needs intelligent and proactive professionals who will be able to use an acute understanding of human hearts and minds and a clear view of the real state of affairs in the world to facilitate the development of international community. Training such professionals is our primary goal.

Our Faculty welcomes people who share these ideals; are keenly interested in humanity, human language, culture, society and history; and strive to acquire extensive and deep knowledge, as well as the advanced skills necessary to study these topics. Our students are keen to develop logical and critical thinking, analytical capability and reasoning abilities, and employ those proactively to address various problems faced by globalized modern society.


AO (Admission Office) Examination II

We seek out students who are both eager and fit to study at the Faculty of Arts and Letters and who are capable of outstanding achievements, students whose unique personalities will diversify and vitalize the Faculty. The entrance examination is designed accordingly. The aim of the written exam is to assess the applicant's reading comprehension (reading skills) and expression skills (writing skills), comprehensive thinking skills, and his or her ability to find and analyze problems. During the document screening and interview we evaluate the applicant's motivation to learn, and his or her cooperativeness, academic curiosity, communication skills and personality. The applicant's academic ability must also be equal to or higher than the academic ability of students accepted through general admission process.


International Baccalaureate Admission

The admission process is different for applicants who have completed the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP). These applicants must have a high IB Diploma point score, be both eager and fit to study at the Faculty of Arts and Letters, and be capable of outstanding achievements. The applicant's reading comprehension (reading skills) and expression skills (writing skills) are assessed during the written exam. During the interview we evaluate the applicant's oral communication skills and determine whether he or she is sufficiently motivated to engage in study and research at the Faculty of Arts and Letters.

Admission Types

Admission Quotas

School Undergraduate School of
Humanities and Social Sciences
Enrollment quota 210
Admission quotas General entrance examination (the first-term) 190
AO (Admission Office) Examination II 20
Special Admission Procedures A small number

Advance Announcement

Starting in the academic year 2019, we will implement the AO (Admission Office) Examination III.

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